Endorsed The Green New Deal Virginia

We have the opportunity to provide a model for how a community can move to a zero carbon footprint here in Fairfax County. Reducing dependence on fossil fuels, creating alternative energy sourcing, ensuring the highest standards for air and water quality, and managing our waste in an environmentally conscious way are all critical. This is why I was an early endorser of The Green New Deal Virginia. We must invest in renewable energy-based job training programs, incorporate an energy efficient smart-grid concept and encourage local agriculture and food sourcing.

Maintaining our green spaces is an essential element in keeping our air clean, ensuring the best quality of life for our citizens, and providing a habitat for wild life. Reston was designed with two open space golf courses as part of its design. I fully support and will actively work to ensure we always retain this integral open space in our community. In Vienna, I support ensuring renovations and construction incorporates green space in a way that ensures adequate water drainage as well as space for recreation. 

Affordable Housing

 Fairfax County is at a critical juncture and must ensure our workforce and residents have access to affordable housing (defined as housing not to exceed 30% of income) within the county. Creating S.M.A.R.T. (Safe, Mixed Income, Accessible, Reasonably priced, Transit-oriented) housing solutions will help us to ensure all of our residents are able to live, work, play—and stay— in our community. Our educators, first responders, active duty and military veterans, young families and elderly deserve affordable housing in the communities where they work and have raised their families; and we must be better prepared to accommodate those in dire need. In approaching housing solutions, it is essential to bring an equity lens to the process. Residents are best served when housing is not segregated based on income, but when it is integrated into livable and sustainable communities. Establishing affordable housing will also help decrease our carbon footprint by reducing the work-to-home commute distance.

Public Education

Our region is fortunate to have one of the top school systems in the country; an accolade that doesn’t happen by accident. As we move with purpose and intent to maintain and strengthen our public education system, we need to ensure we recruit and retain top teachers by offering competitive salaries, allocating necessary school resources, and providing avenues for innovation. I pledge to work closely with our Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) School Board so we can meet the needs of our students, faculty, staff, and community; FCPS can and should be a leader in reducing our carbon footprint and other environmental initiatives.

Social Services & Public Safety

Building community begins with the people. That is why it is essential that Fairfax County, as one of the wealthiest counties in the nation, ensures no one is left behind or cast aside. We need to provide for the safety of our community by ensuring our first responders have the best equipment, support and crossflow of information possible. I support our Diversion First program as wells the Veterans docket. I am a proponent of common sense gun laws and would lobby our legislators in Richmond to pass such legislation. Within the county I support implementing all gun safety measures within our authority and would push for stronger safety measures, especially as it relates to domestic violence. I have been and will continue to advocate for the LGBTQ+ community; in particular the transgender community who have recently had their rights under attack. We must provide protections for our most vulnerable populations and create a welcoming community for all our residents. Securing proportionate funding for domestic violence shelters, transition assistance programs, community support systems for our veterans and military families, access to healthcare and treatment programs, and a county-wide network ensures that we truly live the One Fairfax vision. We must do more than give lip service to that vision; let’s ensure One Fairfax is a reality. 

Economy & Jobs

Fairfax County’s proximity to the nation’s capital, several military installations, and a well educated, motivated workforce makes our county one of the most desirable destinations for businesses. It is important to build on this by developing public-private partnerships which help businesses and the community to thrive. While we should continue to attract businesses to the county in order to maintain our low unemployment rate, we should also promote business development from within our community – like the growing number of veteran-owned, women-owned, and minority-owned small businesses in Fairfax County. Ensuring the county implements policies to support the inclusion and growth of locally owned small businesses is essential to our overall fiscal prosperity. Finally, we must encourage the business community to actively engage in our environmental, transportation, housing and education needs to fulfill the One Fairfax concept.


Our transportation system is in need of a comprehensive and innovative approach to reduce commute times and improve our air quality. A multifaceted transportation network is key to reducing our carbon footprint and improving traffic flow. Combining technological innovations with increased infrastructure completion and an expanded public transportation system, we can alleviate daily congestion, reduce commute times, and improve the air we breathe, thereby improving the quality of life for all residents. Additionally, accessibility – particularly regarding public transportation and sidewalks – is a critical component of a comprehensive transportation system that is inclusive in meeting the needs of all residents.